No wastewater to be wasted

About 80% wastewater remains untreated in the world.
This endangers our health, planet and economy.


Prana is a sanskrit word for breath, life and vitality.
The meaning of Prana guides our actions to transform untreated wastewater from a weapon of mass destruction into a range of Planet-saving, profit-making assets such as new water, renewable energy, fertilizers, bio-cements for a sustainable global growth.


Our off-takers services proactively markets, allocates, filters and organises demands for wastewater by-products or recovered resources with offers of wastewater treatment capacities. To ease the exchanges of wastewater for the wastewater reuse off-takes and production, we designed a W2AREX® forward contract representing wastewater treatment capacities enabling also to fund wastewater treatments and therefore clean technologies. Wastewater can be monetised; this means that even disadvantaged population can get revenues from their wastewater for financial inclusion (in addition to implicitly benefit access to sanitation and dignity).