Water solution

Water is the underlying commodity of every product or services (see www.waterfootprint.org)


About 80% wastewater remains untreated which endangers our health, planet and economy.


Prana is a sanskrit word for breath, life and vitality.
The meaning of Prana guides our actions to transform untreated wastewater from a weapon of mass destruction into a range of Planet-saving, profit-making assets such as new water, renewable energy, fertilizers, bio-cements for a sustainable global growth (including financial inclusion and peace).


Our solution, the WasteWater Reuse Exchange - W2AREX® - allocates and organises demands for wastewater by-products or recovered resources with offers of wastewater treatment capacities. The commoditisation of wastewater treatments enables to fund them and scale-up wastewater clean technologies.
The parts of the profits of the wastewater valorisation are for the wastewater provider: this means that even disadvantaged population can get revenues and benefits from their wastewater for financial inclusion.



"Sewage is a commodity and this is a way forward for realising its value for the common good." Dr David Lloyd Owen

"Prana Sustainable Water's guidelines to sell treated wastewater as a new commodity from decentralised sanitation is a good opportunity to separate wastewater qualities for more efficient wastewater treatments to produce energy and fertilisers." Dayanand Panse, Founder director, Ecosan Services Foundation, India.

"Converting treated wastewater into a commodity financed through offers and demands on an organized market can help to solve sanitation finance and water contamination at a large scale", Mr Kajetan Hetzer, Country Partnership Officer for Water Resources Group, International Finance Corporation at World Bank.


October 2015

Unep Global WasteWater Initiative, Peer review of the WasteWAter Reuse EXchange model water convention

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