The W2AREX matches proactively the commitments of off-takes of wastewater by-products (energy, fertilisers, clean water, ..etc) with wastewater supplies and qualified wastewater service providers. The WasteWater Exchange also correlate trade finance of goods that can be produced thanks to wastewater reuse with infrastructure and impact finance.


To solve simultaneously water, sanitation, energy, agricultural yields and finance challenges, we combine 3 pillars:

  1. Circular economy transforming wastewater into numerous by-products or services to notably
    • release pressures on strategic resources
    • reduce long distance transport e.g wastewater polymers manufactured locally via 3D printers,
    • reuse treated wastewater from aquaponics and for food security,
  2. Precautionary principle: proactively matching offers and demands of wastewater transformed or recovered resources to fund wastewater treatment capacities via W2AREX forward contracts.
  3. “Back to you” principle: to guaranty the sourcing and best quality of wastewater, every potential suppliers of that raw material could monetise its smart metered wastewater e.g. to back-up guaranty for financial inclusion and reverse micro-credits for access to sanitation.