W2AREX ® fintech and commoditech

W2AREX ® contracts © specifications:

  • Contract Size: 100m3
  • Quality: treated wastewater according to ISO 16075 for irrigation or potable cleaned water
  • Price: CHF per 100 m3
  • Maturities: monthly
  • Deliveries: by pipes from decentralized sanitation and/or embedded in some products/services
  • Settlement: as per smart metering monitoring, Water Exploitation Index and buffer stocks.


Premiums or discount to W2AREX prices can be applied according to several options, such as:

  • Places of delivery;
  • Period of delivery;
  • Quality of clean according to final use (potable or as per ISO 16075 for irrigation)
  • Offsets of carbon/energy revenues according to applicable carbon schemes.
The purchases of W2AREX® wastewater treatment capacities can be done embedded as water footprint of some goods or services.
The sales of W2AREX® wastewater treatment capacities are neutrally/computerised filtered and can be tokenised.