The WasteWater Reuse Exchange, the W2AREX ®

Water is the underlying and unavoidable input of every good and services: water is indeed the most traded goods in the world.


The WasteWater Reuse Exchange© platform matching W2AREX ® contracts of treated wastewater can secure the transformation and valorisation of wastewater.


This enables to reduce costs and risks, create value and to generate new incomes and/or jobs.


W2AREX ® contracts © specifications:

  • Contract Size & quality 100m3 treated wastewater according to ISO standards ISO 16075 for treated wastewater

  • Pricing Unit : CHF per 100 m3;

  • Maturities/ deliveries Monthly, by pipes from decentralized sanitation (night drip irrigation option);

  • Settlement Physical delivery in numerous places of decentralized sanitation plants and/or embedded in listed products. Position limits as per smart metering monitoring, Water Exploitation Index and buffer stocks.


Price premiums or discounts can be applied according to several options, such as:

      Places of delivery;
      Difficulty to treat wastewater and generate sludge energy;
      Option to get only the treatment services.
The W2AREX ® is a marketplace to buy or sell wastewater treatment capacities and/or wastewater by-products such as treated wastewater. The purchases of treated wastewater can be done embedded as water footprint of some goods or services. The purchases/sales commitments for future deliveries are neutrally/computerised filtered.