• Security

    proactive matching of the Buyers and Sellers of wastewater by-products to secure your loans and/or activities and/or returns

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  • Competitivity

    using wastewater by-products such as energy, fertilisers enables to reduce production costs and risks

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  • Transparency

    engaging with customers and suppliers via digital services

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  • Planet

    when wastewater is reused; it releases pressure on strategic resources and boosts ecosystems services

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  • Disruption

    of shipping and sales orders : everybody has wastewater; part of the margins of the related valorisation can be exchanged -via smart meters- with sustainable procurement of goods or services

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The Circular Economy Value that everybody can have

Everybody and every industry generate wastewater.


Transforming wastewater into energy, fertilisers, clean water, bio-cements ...etc... reduces drastically the production costs and risks.


Prana is a Sanskrit word for breath, life and vitality.


The meaning of Prana guides our actions to transform untreated wastewater from a weapon of mass destruction into a range of planet-saving, vital products such as new water, renewable energy, fertilizers, bio-cements. The profits of the wastewater transformations are to be shared with the wastewater suppliers.

Peace via responsible trading Stress-Tests WasteWater Value