Benefits of Membership


5 reasons to become a Member


  1. Wastewater transformation services and funding:

    • The Sellers of wastewater by-products (clean water, fertilizers, energy, …etc) can benefit structured finance and clients via our W2AREX platform.
    • The Buyers or Off-takers of wastewater by-products to be delivered to the requested place and/or embedded as input of goods or services can secure their sourcing efficiently, competitively and transparently.
    • Wastewater potential suppliers can get off-takes guarantees and advice for wastewater up-cycling (e.g. materials that enable circular economy, recovered methylene of textile blue dye wastewater can help to store and to produce energy)

  2. Data, Tailor made Water Interdependency Stress-Test or investments opportunities:

    Tailor made strategic studies for solving water and energy risks on win-win.

  3. Solvent Markets:

    Thanks the monetisation of smart-metered wastewater supplies, some sales or credits can be secured.
    Trading services to improve and guaranty the return on investments in large scale coastal protection infrastructures.

  4. Branding:

    Your membership leads to the highest leverage effects of the Sustainable Development Goals.

  5. Visibility, Loyalty program and Networking:

    Enjoy special rates for events or services from us or from our partners. Members have also the option to promote their wastewater technologies and/or good practices enablin