Benefits of Membership



5 reasons to become a Member


  1. Submit demands or offers of W2AREX services, products or contracts and get matching alerts from:

    The Sellers of W2AREX forward contracts of wastewater treatment capacities benefit W2AREX structured finance, market visibility to sell wastewater by-products (clean water, fertilizers, energy …etc…) and solvency.

    The Buyers of W2AREX to secure their sourcing of treated water or other wastewater by-products to be delivered to the requested place and/or embedded as input of goods or services (to be then branded for its SGD contribution and responsible value chain of sustainable sourcing). This gives the possibility to continue their activities in adverse events (buffer stocks of treated wastewater in case of drought and storage capacities in case of floods).

    W2AREX alerts for wastewater opportunities are for example for:

    • geo-localized wastewater transformation and bio-refineries investment opportunities
    • wastewater by-products or bio-materials such as fertilisers, clean water, energy, bio-cement, biogas, biofuels, polymers,…etc…
    • goods and services embedding wastewater by-products via our services
    • products enabling wastewater to be valorised (e.g. recovered methylene of textile blue dye wastewater can help to store and to produce energy)
    • wastewater (including stormwater) capture, collection, recycling, storing and/or reuse to reduce costs and/or increase resilience
    • carbon compensation thanks to wastewater transformation

  2. Data: You will have access to key information linked to wastewater transformation.

  3. Solvent Markets: Thanks the monetisation of smart metered wastewater supplies, some of your products or credits can get secured and prepaid orders.

  4. Branding: Your membership leads to the highest leverage effects of the Sustainable Development Goals. The World Health Organisation is indeed stating that every dollar invested in water can lead to $ 34.

  5. Visibility, Loyalty program and Networking: Enjoy special rates for events or services from our partners. Members have also the option to promote their wastewater technologies and/or good practices enabling the valorisation and reuse of wastewater.

Membership services nr 2 and 5 are free for Universities, States and States Economic Promotion Agencies
Full membership fees are CHF 4'800/year, registration can be asked on

For eco-philanthropy and/or health issues and/or in case you wish to use our services to empower specifically a disadvantaged community via the Sustainable Development Goal nr 9 addressing infrastructure, industrialisation and innovation: our membership fee is CHF 2'000/case.