The WasteWater Reuse Exchange

Our market mechanism to fund wastewater treatment capacities

Taking into consideration the water needs to produce goods/services, Water is virtually the most traded goods in the world.


Water is the underlying and unavoidable input of every good and services: partial water footprints can come from treated wastewater to reduce the untreated wastewater's pollutions effects, fresh water overuse and related risks+costs.


The WasteWater Reuse Exchange© matching platform is to secure and increase the transformation of wastewater into a clean water resource and/or for renewable energy procurements security.

All requests are treated confidentially.


Ethical Water Titles© the futures contracts including buffer stocks represent standard treated effluents as a commodity priced by matching the following commitments:

* wastewater treatments or supplies at decentralized sanitation locations
* demands of treated effluents, e.g. via agreed partial water footprint of listed goods/services.