Your advantages

Participating to the W2AREX reuse platform enable to:

  • secure water
  • internalise externalities and reduce costs
  • reduce health, reputation and business risks
  • get new markets and/or revenues



Using our services means contributing to reach the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.



The more wastewater is treated, the more nature can clean for free the environment, preserve the ecosystems and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the water//energy nexus.


On the wastewater supply side, smart metered wastewater resources are valued according to the difficulty to treat them: Prana Sustainable Water helps responsible products to become more competitive than products generating heavy noxious wastes and/or to get incentives.


On the treated wastewater purchase side, Products/Services produced with treated effluents can be traced towards a circular economy approach and reported for their positive impact.


Buffers stocks of commoditized treated effluents are set-up in order to reduce water price volatilities and as insurance tool to face adversity.


Prana Reuse Wastewater Stewards and Members get:

  • Discounted prices and/or other advantages (e.g. carbon offset) for goods or services embedding treated wastewater and supplied by members of Prana Sustainable Water,
  • Promotion of their contribution for wastewater recovery. They are authorized to use Prana Sustainable Water label for their products and services,
  • Get first mover advantages on new wastewater opportunities.