Your advantages

Buyers and sellers of W2AREX carbon negative wastewater treatment services can place on our platform confidential offers or demands of green finance contracts.

Sellers of W2AREX forward contracts

  • benefit W2AREX organized finance enabling market visibility and solvency
  • amortize quickly wastewater reuse extra capacities e.g. Industries treating their wastewater (e.g. drinks), Real estates recycling their own wastewater, Wastewater treatment plants (e.g. municipal)
  • get the assistance of our company to sell wastewater by-products (clean water, fertilizers, energy …etc…

Buyers of W2AREX forward contracts

  • secure water procurement: get treated wastewater delivered to the requested place and/or embedded as water-footprint of goods (e.g. to protect crops) or services (to be then branded for its SGD contribution and responsible value chain of sustainable sourcing)
  • internalize externalities and reduce costs
  • reduce health, reputation and business risks
  • get new markets and/or revenues thanks to smart metered wastewater and the value of transformed effluent
  • offsetcarbon emissions
  • achieve eco-philanthropic target and attract new clients (e.g. tourists or hotel users willing to contribute to the SDGs while reducing their bills thanks to the sludge valorisation and/or their supply of wastewater in other W2AREX places)
  • give their insured clients the possibility to continue their activities in adverse events (buffer stocks of treated wastewater in case of drought and storage capacities in case of floods)

Market players of W2AREX forward contracts

W2AREX Sustainable Finance Contracts can be sold and bought more easily than in the case of equity investment in an infrastructure. Pension funds, development banks or other investors can digitally back-up their investments with vital collaterals and manage water interdependence risks.

Dividends via our W2AREX platform are to be transparently redistributed. This enables even disadvantaged populations to get reverse credits for equipping their houses for sanitation, rainwater harvesting (incl. water filters and storage) and then get their wastewater monetized.