Wastewater currency

In 2010 Prof. Willy Verstraete, environmental biotechnologist at Ghent University, calculated that every 1,000 gallons of wastewater contained the equivalent of $1.88 worth of fertilizer, energy as methane, and clean water. Since then, new technologies enable wastewater to be transformed efficiently into polymers, biogas, biofuels, bio-cements, clean water…etc and resources such as phosphorus can be recovered. In addition to the leverage effects of wastewater transformation on health, biodiversity and ecosystem services and resilience; using them as production inputs can give competitive advantages. Most of those wastewater by-products are indeed cheaper, locally available and with a high value chain.


The Wastewater Circular Economy can happen through our WasteWater Reuse Exchange incentivizing and matching forward offers&demands of wastewater by-products. This leads to value wastewater as raw material that everybody has and therefore enables smart-metered wastewater to be exchanged and monetized to get goods or services. Investments in wastewater infrastructures get reduced currency risks via our market place.



Increasing knowledge in recycling commodity prices and related value chain (reducing health, environment and business risks) is a good way to manage your activities, get good return on investments and not miss opportunities.

Please contact us to get tailored benchmark of wastewater value considering the contexts and technicality to treat wastewater.